Drone Business Ideas You Can Explore in 2020

Drone Business Ideas You Can Explore in 2020

As this new century started off, innovations started gushing in to make the world a convenient space to live in. None of the technologies that are being developed these days turns out to be a complete disappointment; the first seeds are sown, but the benefits may be reaped at a later stage. However, the drone isn’t one such technology that is yet to find its right space in this innovative universe. This groundbreaking invention is being used in many fields of work to have a magnified look at various situations in life. If you would like a complete guide to starting a drone photography business go here.


Businesses with drones are no longer a new thing, and as the new decade is already here, we are only looking forward to a better scope for the technology. If you are a novice in the industry, you will need to have a thorough understanding of all services provided by drones so that you pick the right one for you. You could also branch out to a different field of work with the drones that you own already. Here are some of the drone business ideas that are worth exploring in 2020.



1.      Stock Photography

Making money out of aerial photography has become a common these days. On-site drone photography service is one way to get into it, but selling your photos online for a fixed price is a better avenue that you should try this year. Clients will surely come rushing in for some beautiful aerial photos as long as tourism and advertising go strong all through the year. One of the perks of sticking to selling stock photography is that you get to travel places and click the right moment when you feel like it. Creating a sizable portfolio is also an important aspect here, which, when done, has to be uploaded on various social media channels for public viewing.


2.      Filmmaking

Using drones in movies for the perfect establishment shot of a city or landscape has become common now in almost every industry that can afford it. The hardest part about getting into filmmaking is the competition that prevails in it; the producers and directors would only and to work with the experienced professionals. You can submit some of your aerial footage for auditions and make an impression with your skills. The first few steps into the film industry might be quite difficult, but once you fall into the momentum of it, you will not just be making money but also an art that makes you a muse for many aspiring filmmakers.


3.      Roof Inspection

Sweeping this specific market away all for yourself is possible if you provide the best service. As not many people are interested in using their drones for this unusual business, you are at an advantage of facing less competition. You can now do the job that was earlier done by solar panel installers and repair service companies. Such inherently dangerous activities of people climbing the building onto the roof can be avoided by using your drone to offer them this service. Try and augment your skills with 3D modeling so that the clients sign the contract with a smile of confidence.

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