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Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War Figures

Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War Figures

Brand: Funko Pop

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A Marvel blockbuster of epic proportions deserves a vinyl set of the same caliber, and that is exactly what Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War offers. Highlighting many of the heroes and villains, collectors will have their hands full, especially given all the exclusives.

Avengers: Infinity War finds chaos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and plenty to resolve. For vinyl fans, the only thing to know is that there are plenty of figures. Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War features Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Spider and Thor. While most of the exclusives have a specific release at major retailers, the glow-in-the-dark Thor is only issued in the Asian market.

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Extending the lineup, the bad guys aren't left out of the Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War excitement. There's Thanos in standard form and the 10" Super-Sized figure at Target, plus Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight. In addition, the Cull Obsidian vinyl is only found at Walgreens.

Keep track of the Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War choices with the full checklist below. If you prefer a visual breakdown, the entire gallery can be seen using the above tab.

Funko Pop Avengers Infinity WarFunko Pop Avengers Infinity War

Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War Checklist

285 Iron Man
285 Iron Man Gold Chrome - Popcultcha
285 Iron Man Red Chrome Bundle - Target
286 Thor
286 Thor GITD - Asia
287 Iron Spider
287 Iron Spider Red Chrome - Popcultcha
288 Captain America
289 Thanos
289 Thanos Purple Chrome - Popcultcha
289 Metallic Thanos Bundle - Target
290 Corvus Glaive
291 Ebony Maw
292 Proxima Midnight
293 Groot
294 Hulkbuster 6"
295 Black Widow
296 Thanos - Walmart
297 Groot - Toys R Us
298 Cull Obsidian - Walgreens
299 Captain America - Walmart
300 Iron Spider w/ legs - Target
303 Thanos w/ Sanctuary 2 - MCC
304 Iron Man Unmasked - FYE
305 Iron Spider Unmasked - BoxLunch
306 Hulk 6" (Busting out of Hulkbuster) - GameStop
307 Vision - Hot Topic
308 Thanos 10" - Target
332 Eitri 6"- Amazon *
339 Stonekeeper - FunkoShop
416 Groot *
417 Young Gamora *
418 Bucky Barnes *
419 Bruce Banner *

Estimated Release Date: November 2018 *

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  1. I was just wandering what pops were 299 to 303 there not listed.

  2. #301 is She-Hulk (Lawyer). The others haven’t been revealed yet.

  3. #303 Is the Collector Corps Thanos with Sanctuary 2 ship

  4. #302 is Gwenom

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